1. We need volunteers to write Letters to the Editor of local publications – The Bedford Bulletin is still delivered to every mailbox

A. Letters due February 19th for the publication delivered on March 1st
B. Letters due February 26th for the publication delivered for March 8th

Let Jay Nash know if you are willing and which date you prefer, so we don’t overload the dates.
Other publication suggestions welcome. info@putthebudgetontheballot.com

2. The consensus is that Yard Signage is preferred to a single mailer to help “Put the budget on the Ballot”.

We should have quotes soon for something like “YES on Article ____” – “Put the Budget on the Ballot”.

If you or anyone in your organizations is interested in helping fund this critical awareness advertising, please let me know.

3. I’ve been told that Paul Brock and Terry Wolf have recorded an informational video at BedfordTV.com on this topic. As soon as it is published we will post it.

And, of course, now is the time to start reminding our friends and neighbors of this issue.

So many people have signed petitions, sent letters, elected Charter Commissioners, worked on the details, etc.

Now we need to finish strong, and approve the adoption of the Commissions charter revisions that will finally;