In March 2023, a petitioned article (signed by nearly nearly 1500 registered voters from Bedford) was presented which stated “Shall a Charter Commission be established for the sole purpose of establishing official ballot voting under the current form of government?”

The warrant article appeared on the March 2023 ballot and was approved 2,304 to 891.

Nine commissioners were elected: Paul Brock, Linda Camarota,
Kelleigh Gleason, Jeff Kerr, Susan Labrie, Bryan Lord, Matthew McLaughlin, Lori Radke and Terry Wolf.

Please find, and read, the Commission’s full report here.

You can find all of the Bedford Charter Commission’s work here.

And you can find the ballot 2023 results, approving this petition intuitive, establishing the Bedford Charter Commission, and electing 9 commissioners here.

VOTE YES on March 12th, 2024 to approve the Charter Revision and PUT THE BUDGET ON THE BALLOT!