On Tuesday, March 14th head to the polls and vote YES on Article 2, the next step in the process to Put the Budget on the Ballot in Bedford.

Then vote for nine (yes nine) of these people to become charter commissioners;

Paul Brock
Linda Camarota
Hsiu Chang
Russan Chester
Liz Gabert
Kelleigh Gleason
Melissa Kelly
Jeff Kerr
Susan Labrie
Bryan Lord
Matthew McLaughlin
Terry Wolf

After the Town Council voted to deny you the opportunity to have your say on this measure, 1500 registered voters successfully placed Article 2 on the ballot with these words;

“Each of the undersigned voters requests the municipal officers to submit to the voters, at the next municipal election, the question of establishment of a charter commission to draft a revision to the municipal charter for the sole purpose of establishing official ballot voting under the current form of government.”

Now we need to elect charter commissioners who will honor the will of the electorate; to do the work of revising the charter for “…the sole purpose of establishing ballot voting” on the town budget.

And then, importantly, crucially, give Bedford citizens the opportunity to vote, yes or no, on their work.

The decision on whether to put the budget on the ballot is for you, the Bedford voter, to make.

Vote Yes on Article 2, and elect nine charter commissioners who will do the work and then put the choice in your hands.

Thank you,
Jay Nash