We have two weeks until voting day.

These next two weeks are the time to spread the word on your social media accounts YES on ARTICLE 2, and the election of NINE charter commissioners who will respect the will of the voters, and will do the work of commissions purpose; “…for the sole purpose establishing official ballot voting.”

Unfortunately, some candidates for charter commission are running to use technicalities to “kill the initiative in commission”.

So, it’s important that we encourage voting for all nine positions, and voting for candidates known to be committed to the good-faith spirit of letting Bedford voters decide on the outcome.

Thanks again to all the candidates who agreed to run to support this process, and thank you to the organizations that have been supportive for the last year and a half as we’ve gained momentum in the community.

Jay Nash

Expressed support of the commissions purpose to “establish ballot voting” and will work to let the voters decide in March 2024

Paul Brock
Linda Camarota
Hsiu Chang
Russan Chester
Liz Gabert
Kelleigh Gleason
Melissa Kelly
Jeff Kerr
Susan Labrie
Bryan Lord
Matthew McLaughlin
Terry Wolf