I have just received an unofficial notice (formal letter coming next week) that 1,168 verified signatures were counted from our November 8th event alone.

The count will stop now, as we only needed 1,027 to get the issue onto the ballot.

All tolled, by my count, we had approximately 1,500 signatures from all sources!

I will be posting a “thank you” on the Bedford Patch this weekend to everyone in the community.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
~ Jay Nash

PS – Stay tuned for next steps and more detail which in short are:

1. Winning the vote in March for the “establishment of a charter commission to draft a revision to the municipal charter for the sole purpose of establishing official ballot voting under the current form of government”

2. Recruiting 9 (yes, NINE) candidates to stand for general election in March to the position of “charter commissioner” who support “putting the budget on the ballot” to the voters.

If you would like to be a commissioner, please email us.