37 votes is all it took to pass the nearly $40 million dollar Bedford Town Budget last year, at a 7:00pm meeting attended by 72 people.

In contrast, our school budget of nearly $80 Million dollars was on the ballot for 5115 voters, the day before, with polls open all day.

Hundreds of registered voters have already signed the petition to let Bedford citizens decide which method they prefer; our town budget on the town ballot just like the school budget, or a few dozen people raising their hands in an auditorium, the night after the election.

Signing the petition to “Put the Budget On the Ballot” starts the process of expanding accountability and engagement for the use of taxpayer dollars.

You can find more information at http://www.putthebudgetontheballot.com and you can sign the petition at participating local businesses.

Look for “Put the Budget on the Ballot” petition stations at the general elections on November 8th.

Bedford taxpayers deserve the access and opportunity that putting the town budget on the town ballot provides.

Thank you,

Jay Nash